About Us


Columbia Landcare LLC has a long history deeply rooted here in mid-Missouri. Over more than 20 years we have been working diligently to become the market leader for year round landscape services.

Through hard work and determination, while maintaining client relationships at the forefront of our efforts, we have built a distinguished team committed to providing unparalleled, year round landscape service.

Our promise to our clients is to provide reliable, professional service – Guaranteed. It’s that simple. Through teamwork we fulfill our promise in a multitude of ways. As professionals we are committed to continuous innovation and improvement of the services we offer. As a leader in our community we see it as our obligation to set the bar for professionalism and integrity amongst our employees, clients, vendors and peers.

Our Team

Executive Team


Leading an awesome group of landscape professionals that beautify Columbia and enhance the community is Jed’s favorite aspect of his job. Our team is in constant pursuit to improve, so we can take better care of our clients and our employees. The Columbia Landcare team has unmatched experience in the market, led by Jed’s 20-plus years of growth and excellence.


With a degree in Plant Science and Turf Management from the University of Missouri and more than two decades of experience in the industry, Mike has earned his spot among landscape royalty in Columbia. He loves the culture at Columbia Landcare—one that fosters professional and personal growth while also promoting the talent and expertise of the team.


Columbia Landcare values building long-term relationships with our clients and giving back to the community—two touchpoints Ashley loves about her career. A financing and banking degree-holder from Mizzou, she feels rewarded to work for a continuously growing company.


Another of our 20-plus-year green-industry veterans, Tom started as the general manager of Columbia Turf—which was a modest two-crew operation at the time and a precursor to Columbia Landcare. Tom appreciates the strength of the Columbia Landcare team and our “can-do” attitude with any job. He particularly enjoys the visual satisfaction that comes with each finished project.

Sales Team


Taking customers from an idea to the finished product is Miguel’s specialty, as he’s spent three-plus decades in the green industry. With a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and a Master’s in Agricultural Economics, Miguel’s passion for the outdoors still burns bright. He values Columbia Landcare’s family atmosphere and appreciates how every job—and every employee—is treated with equal importance and respect.


Helping people realize their landscape dreams for their homes and properties is why Chris is passionate about our company. The family atmosphere is unapologetically positive—and a positive environment breeds positive results.


A hard day’s work leaves you with results you can measure and see—part of why Frank enjoys his role at Columbia Landcare. His varied background—a degree in History, a minor in Geography and a decade working in the green industry—makes Frank an interesting and integral member of our team.


When the job is done and the client is happy, Brian allows himself a satisfied smile. In more than 20 years in the green industry, he’s seen plenty of landscaping companies come and go; the people of Columbia Landcare make the difference, he says.

The wealth of knowledge and passion we have for the green industry is why Erin values her role at Columbia Landcare. Getting to work with team members who are just as passionate about putting a property’s “best face forward” for visitors and the community is icing on the cake.

The smiles on the faces of others when they walk by a beautiful landscape or flower bed is Christy’s favorite part of her job—just ahead of the family feel and positive culture at Columbia Landcare. She appreciates how our crew works hard and has fun doing it.

The energy and passion of Matt is evident the second you meet him. He’s a great ambassador for our company—boasting of Columbia Landcare’s “it” factor and our ability to outperform the competition. A horticulture/landscape design graduate from Mizzou, Matt lives by the mantra “Life’s a garden; gotta get out there and dig it.”